Wanna be couple cam models, help please!

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Wanna be couple cam models, help please!

Postby redcouple » 03/08/2015 19:10 PM

Hi, we are 28 year old man and 23 year old woman. We are interested to get into web cam modeling, but we are pretty scared about our privacy.
What is the best recruiting site, the one we can trust and get our money, not only 30 percent of it, or so?
How we can be sure that they are not going to use our pictures or videos, or our personal data in marketing or in other places?
Can "customers" take pictures or video of us while we working with them?
Please answer! :)
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Re: Wanna be couple cam models, help please!

Postby wmf » 03/08/2015 21:04 PM

Are you concerned that your boss, family or neighbors will see you as a webcam model?

The most straightforward site to recruit for, WaveSide Entertainment.

As with all networks, if you find videos of yourself on the Internet, notify us and we will help you get it removed.

Your personal information will never be release or shared with anyone.

No networks can control what the client/ end user does from their end of the connection.

This information pertains to WaveSide Entertainment and networks they are associated with.