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Advice for the new girl?

Posted: 03/15/2015 15:21 PM
by alicem808
Hi girls. I really want to become a webcam model. What can you tell me about it? What site are you apart of? Have you ever been found out by any friends or family? Average pay? And any other tips or advice you could give me? Thanks :)

Re: Advice for the new girl?

Posted: 03/15/2015 16:14 PM
by Mistress.ST
Webcam models can earn unlimited amounts of money and, it is a fun job. What you earn depends on you - not what other models make. Models who only work an hour or so here and there will not earn much. Models who consider this a full time job working more hours on a steady basis, will earn a whole lot more.

Best tip I can give you is, if you are interested in becoming a webcam model is to apply with WaveSide Entertainment and start streaming live as a webcam model to see if you like it.

As for running into someone you know - I tell all models that should not be something any model worries about because, if you do, ask them what they are doing there?

Good luck!