Mature with normal body type

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Mature with normal body type

Postby AluringLaura » 04/13/2014 21:05 PM

Just wondering how well those mature ladies with a curvy middle do? I'm a dancer my whole life and then in my 20s worked the stage, so working with the guys is not a problem. If you are over 50, sensual and look younger but have that little in the middle and work in webcamming I want to hear about your experience. I would love to be friends with those ladies whom I can relate to, as I feel kinda alone doing this. I'm used to in person interactions by responding to the guys eyes and body language. Here it's not like that and I have to pretend by myself :( anyway if you are a mature lady and do well at this please write back.
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Re: Mature with normal body type

Postby Mistress.ST » 04/15/2014 09:04 AM

I am one of those mature ladies and do very well at camming.
Webcam modeling requires acting. Your response will be seen from tips and paid sessions, since you can't see clients reactions. Also, many clients do cam-to-cam when they are in private sessions with you. You can post this in your room message when you are streaming live.