How Often to Stream on Cam

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How Often to Stream on Cam

Postby Mistress.ST » 07/26/2016 11:34 AM

It is important for all new cam models to know that, in order to be successful on cam, you need to stream live as often as possible. The time you spend on cam is equally important in order for clients looking for a model they are interested in, to find you. For a full time cam model - you should be on cam 3 or more hours a day, at least 5 days a week. If you are a part time cam model - 3 or more hours a day for as many days as you can fit in your schedule. It takes time to build a following of clients - be patient and persistent and above all, make sure your video stream is crystal clear and your audio is enabled because clients want to hear your sexy voice.Happy Camming!JCrown