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New couple interested

Posted: 02/27/2015 18:25 PM
by newcouple20s
Hi Everyone,

Wondered if anyone had time for some newbies, we are a couple in our 20s who have been playing around with cams on chat rooms lately (free). One of us made a joke about doing it for money and laughed it off, and now, here we are asking questions lol...

We are both in well established professional careers so this isn't something we want to switch to but thought rather, if we are going to do it for fun why not make some money so I guess our question is, is it worth it, given the risk? Does a fit relatively attractive couple make anything worthwhile playing on the side (i.e. few shows a week?)

Also.. Do you not worry about coming across somebody you know? Do you worry about screen recorders and it ending up on a porn site for everyone to see? Which sites are no-gos and which are good and do they pay reliably?

Feel free to add in anything else we may have over looked. We are probably in way over our head here but figured it doesn't hurt to ask :) Thanks in advance!

Re: New couple interested

Posted: 02/27/2015 20:13 PM
by wmf
If you want to do this for the excitement and make money at the same time, you should go for it. You need to decide if YOU are worried about anything. Do you like to perform sex in front of strangers?

Its fun and exiting for many young couples plus, can be very financially rewarding. You do need high speed Internet, high performance laptop or computer, quality webcam and audio. These are important tools of the trade.

The best network to stream live with is WaveSide Entertainment, they pay weekly, treat models with respect and provide best model support in the industry, guaranteed.


Re: New couple interested

Posted: 02/28/2015 12:34 PM
by newcouple20s
We find the whole idea pretty exciting, except the idea of the session being uploaded to the web for all to see is fairly threatening. I guess there's no way around it and it definitely does happen occasionally..?

We have a decent computer and DSLR camera we can use as webcam, as high a resolution as any connection will support.
I will check out WaveSide thanks :)

Re: New couple interested

Posted: 12/18/2017 06:55 AM
by TylerAndrew92
Well what exactly are you looking for I am a 25 year old white man who is in search of revealing himself to the public.