Off-camera sex life

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Doll Baby
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Re: Off-camera sex life

Postby Doll Baby » 05/05/2013 07:01 AM

I started out with my ex-boyfriend, and being a webcam couple actually put an end to our "real" sex life. It's like working any other job and then not going home and wanting to do the same work. Plus, it just feels weird to actually "want" to do it later.
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Re: Off-camera sex life

Postby camrich9 » 02/08/2015 18:33 PM

Yes ladies i can totally relate i satisfy my hubby very well when im not online.He is so makes no since,i could see if i was rejecting's kind of taking a toll on our marrige.he doesn't understand its only work for a on call movie extra actress as well as a stay at home mom.its not right that he wants me to make a chocie