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Trying to get some sleep!

Posted: 03/06/2013 10:19 AM
by Delilah
I find working at night to be the most lucrative, but I also find getting any real sleep during the day to be difficult. It seems like as soon as I am ready for some shut eye, the neighbors are waking up to work on vehicles, cut grass/snow blow, what have you. I never noticed the insane amount of daytime noise around here until I started working at night.

Re: Trying to get some sleep!

Posted: 03/16/2013 03:12 AM
by Veda6
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Re: Trying to get some sleep!

Posted: 04/10/2013 05:17 AM
by Crazy
I don't worry about being up nights. Since I am home during the day, I can pretty much take naps, as needed. I don't want to lose out on the money I make at night.