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by captknots
10/14/2014 20:14 PM
Forum: Tips and Secrets for New Webcam Models
Topic: Be aware of your diet.
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Re: Be aware of your diet.

eh. depends on the model, their metabolism, and their audience, but by all means do what you can to keep your look from changing too much in any case, once you have a set audience you will want to make sure you keep them coming back
by captknots
10/14/2014 20:03 PM
Forum: Gay Webcam Models Forum
Topic: Gay for pay?
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Re: Gay for pay?

honestly Im straight and I do feel bad sometimes telling my clients on the cam sites that im bi or gay, but what ive found in the video industry moreso, is that producers will pay more for a straight model because their sites will actively advertise straight men in gay porn as a fetish, regardless t...
by captknots
10/14/2014 19:50 PM
Forum: Gay Webcam Models Forum
Topic: Where to work?
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Where to work?

Hi, I'm slightly new bi male model to the webcam community, and started working on a site that only pays out 25%, moved on to a 50% commission site with lower traffic, and am currently trying to figure out where id find a larger audience interested in male cam models. I have very few boundaries and ...
by captknots
10/14/2014 19:45 PM
Forum: Cam Model Equipment
Topic: Starting out with a cheap webcam?
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Re: Starting out with a cheap webcam?

biggest thing on that, which is where I messed up my first foray into cam modeling, is when u start streaming, your generally promoted as a new model. therefore your performance in your first 5-14 days set the tone, this is your chance to show what you got and get the bulk of your following, define ...
by captknots
10/14/2014 19:20 PM
Forum: Male Webcam Models Forum
Topic: Mail me your underwear?!?
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Re: Mail me your underwear?!?

yea but it seems more complicated than its worth, what with whether your site allows customers to pass you addresses, and what to put for a return address, fortunately tho, the one time I did this I was paid thru paypal, so 100%! :) lol