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    I know that most cam models do strip and do sexy things, and that’s totally fine, but not all of us do. So if you’re interested in camming without revealing too much I wanted to let you know it’s possible.



    Thank you DressUp!! I think it’s a common misconception that you have to bear it all. Now I will say that some clients get a little pushy if you try to keep it classy, but many are perfectly happy with chatting, flirting, etc.



    I would love to be able to say I can work with clothes on for the whole session, but most of the time my selling point would make that impossible. Still, it is a good point and something I would like to do more of.



    I’d like to know how much more (or less) a model makes on average when she/he isn’t doing anything involving sex or nudity. It’s true that there are customers who actually want a naughty show that’s not too blatant, but I can’t imagine getting paid to sit and flirt!



    I’ve compared what I make to the rates advertised on more ‘regular’ sites and I don’t think it is so different. There is more to what I do than sitting around though. Most of the customers are into role play, and acting my part is as demanding as anything other models may do.



    It’s true, not all clients need to see you naked to be satisfied. Sometimes you just have to show a little skin and chat. Chatting is one of the things I am good at because I talk a lot with my clients, cougars usually do.



    I find it hard to believe that there are webcam models out there that aren’t stripping or performing sexual acts that are making just as much money as the ones that are stripping. A client can chat and flirt with a webcam model in a public chat room for free. Once they take it private and start paying by the minute, they expect a little something more in return for their money! 😉



    I don’t know, I guess I would have to work on a different technique that works without taking my clothes off. Apparently, it is possible, but I have never tried it.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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