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    I’ve heard some bad stories about modeling in a studio, namely that you have no privacy at all. Where do you prefer to work from? Are you working from home right now or from a webcam modeling studio?



    I work from home. You have to pay to work in those studios; they take a hefty cut of your earnings. I’m not okay with that, so I setup my own studio in the bedroom. Not only do I not have to pay a studio for use of their equipment, I don’t have to waste valuable gas driving back and forth to it!



    I think there are some pros to working in a studio, but personally, I’d rather work from home. Even though you have to invest more money up front (in equipment) to work from home, you still come out better in the long run.



    I work from home because I don’t want a studio taking a cut of my money. The only way I would consider working in a studio is if something happened where I couldn’t make money on my own anymore. In that scenario, at least some money would be better than no money at all.



    I prefer my home too, studios need their fair share and I prefer to keep in in my wallet. Honestly.
    Maybe working from a studio is OK if you’re at the beginning of your modeling career but after a while I suggest you start setting your own studio in the bedroom. 😉

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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