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    Guys, do you see a lot of clients that want to meet up in person? It seems like almost every client I have that takes it private tries to talk me into meeting them in person at some point. Is this a common issue for webcam models?



    Yes, it’s a common issue for everyone. Sooner or later, some clients want to meet in person and you have to be gentle when refusing them. This usually happens to me when clients become regulars, they get the impression that there’s some kind of special bond between us and we should meet.



    I’ve had this problem several times now. When you develop a working relationship with a regular client, many times they read too much into it. On our end, we see it as, “You pay me and I perform for you.” We see it as a job, in other words. I guess some clients forget that, and start thinking it’s a “real” relationship, or that it could be one.



    This is actually not something that I have run into before. I don’t accept clients from my state either though (I block them on the cam site).



    I think this is a common issue for anyone working in this industry. Even strippers have issues with clients who want their favorite dancer to go on a date with them. Some clients let themselves get too personally involved and they have to be firmly, but politely, told no.



    Thanks for the input, everyone. I have never agreed to meet a client in person – and I never will – but it’s still frustrating when they bring it up, because I usually end up losing them as a client once they finally get it through their head that I’m really not going to meet them… Ever.



    Oddly enough, for the first time ever I did have a client ask me to meet in person. I politely explained that I don;t do that and now he watches every show I do. Crazy stalker?!? Maybe, but it still helps me pay the bills.



    Most clients realize models won’t meet them in person but, its a thing for them just to ask. They enjoy when you play along.. remember, models are actors. Its all on how well you can play the part.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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