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    My husband and I mostly do 2way shows. We get requests for both MMF and FFM but there always seems to be more excitement for FFM, especially among our male clients. We are wondering if we should work with more girls or try to build up our MMF business. What do you think is hotter?



    They can both be extremely hot and everyone’s preferences are going to be different. Personally I would go for an even split so that you have a little something for everyone. As long as you publish your schedule your customers will know when you are going to do what.



    You could try both, like Paul said, although there are a lot of female customers who prefer FFM lately. I think you should make a choice based on what you personally prefer and on what brings you more income.



    I always, always, always get more FFM play. I do both and have had good response to both, but there’s more sensitivity with guy-on-guy, whereas all of my clients love girl-on-girl!



    Chloe said it, you should base your choice on what you enjoy more. You probably make a lot of money anyway, you should be entitled to have some fun on the job too.



    I think you should do whatever works best for you long-term. If you prefer male/male/female, go with that. Even though you might not have as many people watching, you’ll be happier than if you have to perform in a situation you’re uncomfortable in. However, if you don’t care either way, you’ll probably make more money in a female/female/male threesome.



    As a female myself, I think MMF is hotter. However, most of our clients are male and I think they tend to prefer FFM. But, as others have stated before, you just have to do what works for you.



    I personally enjoy FFM and MMF, but when it comes to webcam shows we definitely make more money when we do FFM shows. I guess it’s because every guy has a fantasy about being with two ladies at one time! 😉



    You apparently realize that you are making more money when you do FFM, so why don’t you just stick with that. Unless you prefer MMF, and would rather do more of that. In that case, you can work on some routines that potential clients might enjoy.



    We always make more money when we do FFM shows, because as others have said that seems to be the ultimate fantasy for most guys. Most of your clients are men so you have to give them what they want. 😉



    There are not really that many women who watch. If they did, I believe there would be more of a demand for MMF. As it is, guys would rather watch FFM, and so that is more in demand.

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