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    I haven’t been modeling for long, but I’ve been modeling long enough for the money to start coming in. Once the money started rolling in and we started buying things we couldn’t afford before, the family became suspicious, since it doesn’t “look like” I have a job. Not wanting them to think we were secretly dealing drugs or something, we “came out” and told them about my modeling gig. Some of them were like, “Cool, whatever.”, but some of them are convinced this is a form of prostitution!! Even though the client can’t touch me, I’m still “selling my body”, so I’m still a “whore”. Wow, talk about narrow minded!



    Sorry to hear that you have had some negative reactions. Is it your parents, or other older relatives who are having problems understanding what you do? I find some older folk are out of touch with the modern world so take longer to come to terms with it.



    Wow, I’m so sorry you’re face-to-face with such strong, negative opinions! You need your family to be on-board with you and support you in what you do, and you expect them to understand why you make the choices you make. It’s always a big let-down when you find out your family isn’t behind you 100%. Keep your head up though, because what you’re doing isn’t wrong! You’re making money to support yourself and your family, and that’s ALWAYS something to be proud of! 🙂



    I decided not to tell my family about my job so I just told everyone my significant other makes a lot of money. They are happy, I am happy, it’s a typical win-win situation 😛

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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