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    I know that everyone here probably doesn’t have children, but I’m sure some of you do. What do you tell your children about your job, or do you not tell them anything at all?



    I don’t tell them anything, but I “work” when they are in bed. When they get older, I suppose I will just tell them that I work online, but I won’t necessarily tell them what it is that I do until they are older.



    I don’t have any children but I do have nieces and nephews that ask questions. I just told them that I work on the computer and left it at that. One day when they are older, if I’m still a webcam model, I might be more specific but for now, we’re operating on a need-to-know basis! 😉



    We don’t have children yet but we’re thinking about it. I don’t think we’re going to change jobs though. You can raise your children to be open minded and, when, the time comes, maybe try to explain what your job consists of.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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