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    What do you and your partner do while you are waiting on a full room or a client who wants to go private? We usually just fool around with each other a little and joke around with those who are in the room.


    same here, sometimes i’ll have him sit in a chair behind me while i stand and we both talk to the ppl in the room. him sitting makes it easy for me to just like sit on his lap or bend over so he can slap my ass and stuff like that. also he’s a lot taller than i am so having him sit is ideal. either that or we’ll zoom the camera in and make out on the bed. i’ll have him lay down and i’ll lean over him doggystyle and kiss his body and stuff, kinda make it look like we don’t care that we’re on cam, we want it NOW hahaa. if we’re not doing that we just talk to the guys though.
    One thing that almost always GETS them to private is telling them you were just in a private show and neither one of you got to cum and you’re both still SOOOO HORNY lol. we had a guy take us pvt for almost half an hour that way today. haaaappy camming (;


    Wow, you have an incredibly scary story…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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