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    When you are in live chat waiting to get a full room or a client who wants a private show what do you do? I have a tv that clients can’t see and I also play games on my cellphone. I keep all of that out of view of the camera though.



    I do the TV thing also. I have it on in the background on mute. I also have some of my favourite music playing in the background so if it’s quiet I’ll just start dancing around to that….after not long the room starts to get a lot busier 😉



    I also use either the tv or the radio to keep myself amused. Fortunately, I don’t run into too many slow nights here lately. *knock on wood* 🙂



    I don’t keep the TV on because I find it distracting. I usually listen to music and text my friends. Sometimes I have to put the phone away too, though, because it can be distracting to me.



    I leave the tv on and I also text, but if it’s a really slow night I use the time to get my college coursework done. You’d be amazed how many guys wander into my room to see me studying with my glasses on that turns into a private show.



    I like to listen to music while I wait. I seem to get a lot of attention through my singing and dancing. Well, maybe more through my “dancing while in bed” moves.



    I always have the TV on with the sound turned low, but that is more because I like the noise than anything else. I don’t really have a lot of slow nights, but I work peak times too.



    I chat with friends on Facebook when I’m bored. I keep talking dirty out loud as I do it, though. I figure that way the guys will think I am busy chatting with potential customers.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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