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    What do you dislike the most about being a webcam model? There is honestly very little that I don’t enjoy about my job, but I guess the thing I dislike the most is rude customers!



    Sometimes I get a bit bored of doing similar things over and over. I try to keep in mind that this is the client’s experience and that for them it’s not something they do endlessly.



    For me it’s constantly acting polite, cutesy, high-energy, “on.” I feel like I can’t be myself or relax, because someone’s paying me to put on a show. That, along with the repetitiveness Pierre mentioned, are the killers for me.



    I think what I dislike the most is having my “don’ts” clearly posted and still having customers asking me to do those things. There are only a handful of acts I’m uncomfortable with performing on cam and I really hate it when a customer doesn’t bother to read that section and then asks me to perform one of those acts for them.



    I dislike the fact that too much sex on camera affects my personal life. My husband is 4 years younger than me and he deserves to “enjoy me” but after putting a few shows in a row, sex is the last thing I want to do.



    I agree with She-Werewolf. Before I started webcam modeling, there were so many aspects of sex that were unexplored and exciting to me. Now that I perform them on a daily basis, most of them just seem boring. It’s hard to keep my “real” sex life satisfying.



    I’m not sure what to tell you guys and gals, my personal life is not that affected by my job. However, I dislike the fact that I constantly need to look perfect and I can’t have a piece of cake without feeling guilty. I think this affects me the most, I used to love food a lot!



    I guess I am just not always in the mood for sex. I have to sometimes find ways to get into the groove. After I get started, I usually have fun, but it takes a while to get motivated.



    To prevent your real sex life from being affected by camming – when you are off cam and thinking of sex, you actually get to touch the other person and be touched. Focus on the reality of sex, when its for real.



    There are some guys that I think are really sick. When I get some that I can tell are real pervs, and possibly sex offenders, I almost want to quit my job.



    I agree that it is very disturbing to hear some of the guy’s fetishes that involve children or animals. You don’t know what to do. Report them? To who? It is scary to think these people are walking around loose performing these acts.

    My con about camming is that I have begun to dislike men. I have to remind myself these guys are not representative of the general male population. Sometimes it is difficult to act turned on by some sick things you hear yet you don’t want to discourage a big paying client. I am older so I get the mom/son scenario a lot. I had no idea so many guys wanted to not only do relatives but impregnate them as well!

    The insults and assumptions are another downer. But overall, for me, the good outweighs the bad. I just think about how lucky I am not to have to commute to work, listen to a boss and co-workers and all the other crap that comes with a conventional job.

    Everyday tends to bring you a new funny story from what some of these guys say! : )

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