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    What are the Cons of being a webcam model? This is something I have considered off and on for years, and my husband is completely supportive of the idea, but I have yet to actually do it.



    One of the things I am always afraid of is my husband getting jealous. He is supportive and I always work when he is not at home, this way we have our free time to spend together but I’m always worry that someday he will get jealous and ask me to stop.



    There aren’t many cons, in my opinion. One that I can think about is being recognized. I think this is one of the big risks you have to take, if you show the real you to clients you might risk being recognized by someone you know or maybe on the street.



    I don’t think there are really any cons either. You are in the comfort of your own home so you are safe, as opposed to say an escort, and you can make good money. I used to worry about being recognized like Catherine mentioned, but as I have gotten older and more secure in my sexuality it really doesn’t bother me. Also, if someone does recognize you then they had to have been on the site too so it is unlikely that they would mention it.



    I have gone through some negative emotions as a webcam girl. I am over them now, but in the beginning I felt guilty and secretive, and kind of like I was deceiving my friends and family by not telling them. I was always afraid of someone finding me out. So that’s one downside to consider.



    I’m just getting started but one of the issues I’ve had is that my job is totally dependent upon the Internet, and a great connection at that. If anything goes wrong with my ISP, bam, I can’t work.



    I think the largest practical downfall is like sexxytexxy mentioned – you’re at the mercy of your internet connection. If you live in an area prone to seasonal extreme weather conditions, a power outage could put you out of work for several days or more. The only other downside of being a webcam model for me has been seeing negative reactions come from people that I thought loved me unconditionally, but refused to associate with me after finding out I earn my money working in a facet of the adult sex industry. It’s their loss, because I’m still the same person I always was, but it’s still been disappointing.


    Doll Baby

    There are actually some guys who really creep me out. It doesn’t have anything to do with the sex that they ask me to perform. They just have ways about them that let me know that they may have a serious problem. My main “con” is probably not being able to just hang up when I get one of these guys.

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