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    Usually tattoos are done in college years (not necessarily but usually this is the rebel age). What happens when you have a new tattoo and it needs to heal ? Do you perform anyway? Do you cover it ?



    Most men or women watching cam shows online aren’t too concerned with tatoos, and most people know what they look like when they are healing so it wouldn’t be a big deal. You could cover it, but generally you get paid more for not covering up with clothing. Most guys I know think a tramp stamp is sexy anyway.



    I’ve received a lot of interest for having a new tattoo. I kind of teased taking the bandage away to show what it was of, which got some excitement. You can’t do this too many times, though, or you’ll irritate your skin.



    Generally you wouldn’t have to be concerned about a healing tatoo. Like someone else said, they have become so accepted in today’s society most people know what they look like in all stages and don’t have a problem with it.



    I haven’t gotten any new tattoos since I started modeling, but if I were to, I’d just leave the bandage on until the tat had healed. I might take a couple of days off if I felt that the bandage was unsightly, but otherwise, I wouldn’t worry about it.



    This is an easy one for me, I’m into piercings, not tattoos. I already have a bunch and decided not to get new ones but, as everyone else said, it shouldn’t be a problem. You could wear an outfit that covers it up, if it’s a problem for your clients.



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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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