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    For those of you that are married but not performing with your spouse, do you still wear your wedding band during webcam shows, or do you take it off and let clients assume that you are single? I take mine off, as it seems to raise less questions than when clients can plainly see it.



    I leave mine on, but that is because I don’t ever take it off. I do get some questions about it on occasion but most clients don’t seem to mind it at all.



    I don’t wear my ring all the time, so for me it just depends on whether or not I have it on at the time. If it’s on, I don’t take it off just for the sake of the show, but if it’s off, I don’t rush to put it on, either.



    I wear mine all the time, even when I’m sleeping and showering, so it stays on during webcam shows, too. I have been wearing it for so long now that I don’t even feel right without it! Most of the time, customers don’t even notice it.



    I take it off. For me, it causes too many questions and it hurts my income. If clients ask, I tell them I’m single. I feel like by doing that, it helps me get into “character.”



    I take mine off. My hubby knows that I don’t mean any disrespect by it, but like someone above me said, it affects your income. (Or at least it affects mine.) My clients seem to prefer the idea of me being single/unmarried, even if me and the hubby perform together.



    As a cross dressing webcam model, I pretty much have to take my wedding band off. Well, I don’t suppose I “have to”, I just prefer to. I’m pretty much modeling for bi/gay guys only, and I think it kills their buzz when they realize that I am actually a straight man married to a woman. It kills the fantasy, I guess, so I just take it off and put it back on after I’m done showing.



    I don”t see why anyone would take off their wedding ring. If your spouse approves of your job, then you should leave it on. It might also be a turn-on for your client to know that you are married.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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