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    I was looking online at some potential webcam modeling sites (in addition to the few I am already working) and came across one site that turned out to be for an agency. This site takes the cake for all of the income claims I have seen so far, saying you could earn up to $40,000/month as a webcam model. How many models do you think are REALLY making almost half a million dollars a year?!



    That is definitely the most absurd claim I have seen from an agency yet. You can make a nice chunk of change from webcam modeling, but I don’t think that any of them are pulling down a half a million dollars a year!



    Yeah you could easily make $40,000/YEAR via webcam modeling, but not per month! And even if it were possible to do that, I don’t think you could put in the hours necessary to do that month after month after month. You would get burnt out way too quickly.



    Wow! I haven’t seen any other agency sites claiming that kind of income for models. Typically when I browse new sites, they all say about the same thing – $1,000 – $2,000/week, which is easily doable if you put in the hours.



    If I were to come across a site that said something as absurd as that, it would raise red flags, because there are doctors and lawyers out there that aren’t making that kind of money. That’s when you have to remember the old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true… it usually is.”



    I think it should either be illegal for those agencies to make those claims, or else they should have to furnish proof, like copies of their employees’ check stubs with the names blacked out or something. (Of course, who’s to say that can’t be faked, right?) It’s like the post above mine says about it being too good to be true.



    That is certainly some false advertising. I am sure there are scams, even in this profession. They probably want an up-front investment, which would be a sure sign to stay clear from them.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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