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    Are there any requests you are always asked to perform? In my case, clients really like to see my partner and I kiss, this is one request I know for sure I’ll get 😉 What about you?



    When I do a show with another girl we always get requests for kissing, disrobing each other, and of course performing fellatio on each other.



    When I do shows with a girlfriend of mine, we’re always asked to kiss, fondle each others’ breasts, and perform oral sex on one another. A lot of clients also like to see simulated sex with a strap-on dildo.



    I see the same requests as what others here have stated, whether I’m performing with another female or with a man. They want to see kissing, fondling, oral sex, vaginal sex, playing with toys, etc.



    Whenever I perform with a lesbian, men really don’t seem to care what we do. They just enjoy watching. Females ask us to show more close-ups.



    I have one client that loves to see me pee. There were a few times when I just couldn’t. I could have prepared myself beforehand, but I never know when he is going to call. I would hate to drink a lot, then have to hold it for hours in the hopes that he calls in.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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