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    I find working at night to be the most lucrative, but I also find getting any real sleep during the day to be difficult. It seems like as soon as I am ready for some shut eye, the neighbors are waking up to work on vehicles, cut grass/snow blow, what have you. I never noticed the insane amount of daytime noise around here until I started working at night.



    I know what you mean. It’s not so much of an issue around here right now, but when the weather warms up, we have neighbors on both sides that like to cut their grass at least twice a week!



    I guess I am lucky in that regard, as I don’t have an issue sleeping during the day. Our neighbors are pretty quiet year round and with blackout curtains hanging on the windows, it’s almost as dark during the day as it is at night.



    My issue is with the phone; I can’t turn it off because of kids, yet most of the time when it rings, it’s stupid crap that could either be discussed through email or text message. Most of my friends and family have taken the hint by now and stopped calling during the day, but I still get at least one phone call a day waking me up.



    That?s seriously a excellent put up ! Added to my favourite phorums checklist.. I?ve been reading your web site last couple of weeks and get pleasure from each bit. Thanks.



    I don’t worry about being up nights. Since I am home during the day, I can pretty much take naps, as needed. I don’t want to lose out on the money I make at night.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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