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    What kind of toys and props do you enjoy using for your shows? I have a variety of different sex toys in different sizes and colors and quite a few naughty and sexy outfits.



    First of all, I invest a lot in my outfits. I have some naughty leather ones, then I have my fluffy bunny costumes and then some. I change them all the time. I have a few dildos I like to perform with, but without batteries because the sound is not very pleasant.



    I’m a regular customer at the sex shop in my area but lately I’ve been thinking about buying a pole and ask for more money for a pole show.



    The pole idea is great. I just can’t install one in my room because my family comes to visit often and it would be really bad if they saw it, IMO.



    The pole IS a great idea! Personally, I have a wide variety of outfits and many of the outfits have corresponding props. I have whips and a pair of handcuffs to use with a leather bondage outfit that I have, for example, along with a paddle to use when I wear the “naughty school girl” getup. I also have a myriad of sex toys, including bullets, vibrators, dildos, anal beads, etc.



    My box of tricks is full of goodies made of leather. Blindfolds, restraints, things like that. It’s all light hearted so I may pull out some furry cuffs if the mood calls for it! I also have a full wardrobe of outfits. Leather features there too!



    I don’t know what I would do without toys, they are the life of the show!
    I have a whole box of them and I often go to the sex shop to see what’s new and available.
    Clients enjoy the toys a lot and they often have requests like “use that one” and you can’t just say you don’t have it, it’s unprofessional.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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