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    My wife and I perform on camera together most nights of the week. Since we’re having sex on camera so much, we don’t really have sex off camera that often. We both find we’re satisfied just with the sex we have while we’re broadcasting. The only problem is, we’ve decided to start trying for a baby, and this complicates things because we can’t have a baby with me pulling out every time for the sake of the show. Should we slack off the shows for a while?



    Well, ultimately, it’s up to the two of you, but if your work is starting to negatively affect the life you’re trying to lead outside of work, I would say it’s time to slack off a bit. If you guys really want to have a kid and you don’t feel like you can do that because you’re performing shows five nights a week, then yeah, I’d say scale it back for a while.



    I think you guys should try cutting the number of shows you do every week in half and see how that helps. Then, once she’s pregnant, you guys can go back to broadcasting more frequently if you need to.



    If a baby is what you want then pulling out is not going to get you there. Just try cutting a couple of shows a week and see what happens.



    I agree with the others that maybe you guys should consider taking some time off a couple of times a week until she gets pregnant. 🙂



    That’s so great, trying for a baby is a big step! Congratulations.
    I think you should follow the advice everyone else gave, take some time off. The job is important but you don’t want to sacrifice your personal life and personal desires for money. Good luck trying to get pregnant!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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