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    One of the biggest mistakes I see new webcam models make is just getting right to it the second they get into private chat. Be aware that with some services if the client leaves the room in the first two-five minutes you don’t get paid. Slow down and make them work for it!


    That makes sense, but isn’t necessarily always the way to go about it i don’t think. The site i work for withholds the first 20 seconds i believe, unless they take you to exclusive chat. BUT, i took a look at my comment page the other day and there’s like ten pages of great comments, a fat sum of them about how i’m ‘right to it in pvt’ and ‘always quick to get naked and play’. Keep in mind these guys are paying you what, 3-5 dollars a minute so they want to be treated like it. if a guy asks for a strip tease, give him a strip tease. if he asks for you to hop to it, get them panties off haha. Also, i feel like if you were stringing a guy along for the whole first two minutes of private you might lose a lot of fed up customers that way.
    I guess to sum it up, it’s better to get naked for some freeloading perv at the very beginning of private and take the chance that he might not stay, than to drive away a customer who would’ve otherwise kept you in private if only you had given him something to keep you there over.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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