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    Even if you don’t have the most expensive, or top-of-the-line webcam, you should still just make the most with what you have. I actually started with a cheap $3 webcam that I had bought on eBay, and it still works. As I made more money, though, I put more money back into my business and bought a better camera.



    from what I’ve learned, most websites will make their HD girls a higher priority, and an HD webcam is only 60-100 dollars anyway. it’s basically the only thing you NEED to be a camgirl besides a computer, i wouldn’t even start without investing in a good camera. keep guys in private longer if they can see your face, and your vag when you’re zoomed in.



    biggest thing on that, which is where I messed up my first foray into cam modeling, is when u start streaming, your generally promoted as a new model. therefore your performance in your first 5-14 days set the tone, this is your chance to show what you got and get the bulk of your following, define your boundaries ect. if your not streaming in hd you wont get half of the following, and when you switch, people who’ve seen you in the past will be skeptical about your quality when deciding whether to enter your room. and so you know, I made a total of 17.50 my first 2 weeks before I got an HD cam, and the site I started on (which I go on upon request from my only 2 fans) makes me about 20-50 a week now that I’m HD. if you wanna just see what its like and decide if its what you wanna do, id suggest going to a lower paying site until you get your HD cam, because wherever you stream in low quality, you will be risking damaging your potential income from that site. is this a big deal? not really unless your dead-set on a specific site, and ill tell you why: there’s more cam sites (all of which will hire you) than there are hours in the day, so you can always move on to a new new promotional period on a new site if you think its necessary.



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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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