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    Hi! So i was wondering about the following thing:I am not a US person but I study here, and one webcam site registered me as a model. At first they thought i was american because i have US driver’s licence (I had to get a us driver’s license since i was staying longer than a year). So they said “if you are not a us person, we do not have to report your taxes”, and I had to show send them the copy of my foreign passport. But, i know for a fact, i can’t work like that legally, because of my visa regulations. I am only allowed to work on campus. I assume, the webcam site didn’t care, because i explained them the situations, and did not hide anything at all. I haven’t started working, because i am very scared to get deported for that. But i am in need of money.How can IRS or any other legal person find out about it, if i start working? I am not planning on earning a lot, 100-200 a month max.Thank you for your help!


    You should contact a local tax preparer for the answer to your question.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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