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    Something many new models forget is that what they have in plain sight of the camera can give clues as to their identity. Please be careful about checking the view from the clients perspective. It’s better to be safe than sorry.



    That’s a good tip but I am not sure what kind of things could give our real identity away. Surely nobody would be so stupid as to have family photos hanging on the wall behind them, would they?



    You’d be surprised. This is a really good, simple tip that seems obvious to the old-timers but is often overlooked by the newbies. No sports team regalia, no photos, no references to your state…I’m from Texas where we plaster the shape or name all over everything so I really have to be careful!



    This is a good tip. Many models broadcast from their bedroom, and many bedrooms are also decorated with very personal decorations, like family photos. A few minutes worth of redecorating could save a lifetime of pain if it keeps a potential stalker from finding out who you are or where you live!



    This is an excellent tip and one that should be heeded. The smallest thing… a free calendar given to you by a local mechanic, when zoomed in on from a still image will tell a potential stalker what town you live in. Zoom a little closer and they know when you need to take your kid to the dentist. This is definitely something you need to be aware of.



    This is why I have a separate room set aside just for camming. There are just bare walls in that room just to be on the safe side. This is a really great tip for anyone new.



    Good tip! Lucky for us, we perform in a separate room. We call it “our studio” and we decorated it with random things, none of which are personal. The only personal touch to the room is a sexy picture with me and my girlfriend, but we’re the ones performing the show so it’s OK if clients see it.



    True! Your client sees everything! If you think they will only be focused on you, think again! They love to try to figure out where you are, if anyone else is there, etc. They will be looking for clues to find out if you are single, have kids, and more. It’s best to do a check of your background before you get started.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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