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    Do we have any webcam models here doing shows outside? I couldn’t do it personally because we have neighbors to both sides, but if I lived out in the middle of nowhere, I think it would be really exciting to take my laptop out onto the back deck and perform!



    Outside would be fun as long as you could be absolutely certain no one could see or hear anything. I think sex outside seems naughty to some people because there is the risk of getting caught, so that might seem enticing to some clients.



    Fitnfreaky, that’s a great idea! I have a laptop with a webcam on it, but I’ve never even thought about taking it outside for a show. During the day, it would make for great lighting! It would probably be nearly impossible to do at night though, and that’s when I do most of my shows.



    I don’t have enough privacy around where I live to be able to do something like that. I am sure that I have a lot of neighbors who wouldn’t mind, but they don’t deserve a free show. 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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