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    Is it worth learning a second language to get a wider clientele? I do have some people chat who have a fairly basic grasp of English, and to be honest I find it hard to understand what they are saying sometimes.



    If you’re genuinely interested in learning the second language, then I would say yes. Before I started working in the adult industry, I worked in a cell phone store (on commission) that had a large Spanish-speaking clientele. Since no one else in the store was bilingual, I decided to learn enough Spanish to tell them about what we had, how our service worked, etc. After I started communicating with them and word spread through the community, my commission went through the roof! However, I never would have been able to learn the language if I didn’t have a genuine interest in it to begin with.



    That’s a good point, especially as language is not something I am particularly good at or interested in. Maybe I should just spend more time getting used to broken English?



    I think it depends on how broken the English is, honestly. Plus, unless you just want to learn a second language, you shouldn’t have to inconvenience yourself to that extent just to please a client or ease communication. If you want to learn the language, that’s one thing, but it will take a lot of your personal time and effort.

    Just out of curiosity, can you refuse clients if you just absolutely cannot understand them?



    I would never refuse to take someone into private chat but the problem for me sometimes is that the language barriers make getting to that point near impossible. I’d quite like to learn a language so think I’ll give it a go.



    I’m bilingual and I have to say I get a LOT of Spanish-speaking clientele and regulars that I don’t think I would otherwise. But the key is in what cookies said, don’t learn another language JUST to make some extra cash on cam. It is a lifelong commitment, not a quick pay bump. Buen suerte! =)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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