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    I just read about non-nude camming somewhere else and I wanted to come here to see if anyone has heard of it before. I didn’t even know the idea existed. How would you make any money like that?



    I don’t know how you would make money that way! From a client’s point of view, there’s no way I would pay money at a dollar a minute or more just to talk.



    I looked into this before as well as it is totally possible to do but the money to be made is very little. I know, for example, there is a ‘Hot Flirt’ category on livejasmin that is a non-nude category. Even so I’ve heard of a few girls that worked it and most spent a majority of their time in free chat and even when they were taken to a private show the customer would still demand them to take off their clothes.

    At the end of the day webcam modelling is primarily a nude business and that is what 99% of the customers want to see.



    The only guys I can see going for that are the ones who are lonely and really just want someone to talk to, but that has to be a very small demographic. I wouldn’t waste my time with it, personally.



    If there was such a thing, everyone would be all over it. There are lots of women who would like to get paid to chat or just talk on camera. There are a lot less who have the nerve to take it all off.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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