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    Along with our lack of insurance, another con of working in the webcam modeling industry is that you don’t get PTO, or paid time off. If you’re sick and you don’t broadcast for a week, that’s a week without pay. If you go on vacation for two weeks in the summer, that’s another two weeks without pay.



    I know what you mean. I’ve never had a job with paid vacation or sick time though, so I can’t say it’s really a con for me, that’s just how it is and how it’s always been. Would be nice, but I’d rather have the fatter paycheck. 😉



    I’m not so much upset by the fact that we don’t get paid vacations or sick leave. What bothers me is the fact that we don’t get insurance through our employer. We have to buy insurance privately and it’s so expensive! It really eats into the net pay.



    It does suck that we don’t get paid time off, but I try to take the good with the bad and remember the fact that I make more than all of my friends who DO get paid time off. At least as a webcam model you can be your own boss and take time off whenever you want, even if you aren’t being paid for it. I know a lot of companies that freeze PTO and won’t allow their employees to take their leave.



    Those are the drawbacks of being an independent contractor. On the flipside, you can usually take time off when you need to. There is not much chance of being fired in this industry – they are always looking to hire, especially if you have experience.



    As a webcam model, you are self employed. You set your hours and if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. The bennie is, you decide when and how long you work. You put in more hours, you simply earn more. Welcome to the world of the self-employed and being your own boss.



    I have only had one or two jobs before that had paid time off so this is not really a big deal for me. Besides, you can schedule your hours whenever you want!



    Yes, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. That goes for any independent contractor. You have to really learn how to discipline yourself and stay focused. Make yourself a work schedule, or set a goal on how much you need to make daily. That way, you can also plan your time off.



    Same reply as the other post

    By the sounds of it the PTO needs to be programed on the ECU – Its a Dealer job. Where are you based ?



    I repeat… webcam models are self employed. That means you pay your own taxes and are responsible for your own health insurance. Welcome to the world of the self-employed and being your own boss.

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