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    Hi ladies! I need a new razor for my “intimate” shaving needs. Can anyone here recommend a good one that won’t snag the hair and snatch it?



    This is a great question that I don’t necessarily have the answer to. I always just use disposables that have good aloe strips or something of the like, but I’m sure there’s a better solution. I’ve tried just about everything looking for something I can stick with. Waxing regularly isn’t in my budget (and is so unpleasant), lazer is also out for now, Nair and home waxing are nightmares….if only our hair just naturally grew in a neat little strip :/



    I actually use a men’s electric razor to trim the hair down short and then I use a Venus brand razor to shave the stubble off. Those men’s razors that are actually meant for their beards are really great about not snagging/snatching hair!



    I used to have a handheld, battery-operated razor that I bought from JCPenney’s that worked great for shaving any area, but it stopped working years ago and I have never been able to find another good razor since. 🙁 In the meantime, I just go to the salon and have it waxed. It’s painful and somewhat expensive, but you only have to do it about once a month.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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