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    Before I started doing this I was very reluctant but in time I have found that there are a lot of good things that come out of this job:

    1. more money than a regular job
    2. flexible hours
    3. you work from home

    Can you add your list pf pros?


    I could definitely add to this list! On top of everything you mentioned…

    (1.) I don’t need a babysitter for my children; nor do I have to rely on daycare.
    (2.) I don’t have to answer to a “boss”.
    (3.) I don’t have to deal with work-related drama or conflicts with co-workers.
    (4.) I have more freedom than with a traditional job because I can choose what I do or do not wish to do.

    And I could still keep going!


    I have a bunch as well. Saving gas on a commute, improving my social skills/confidence/acting abilities, and in my case strengthening my relationship. I also like making a living with nothing but my own gifts and attributes.


    I have to say that I first thought that working with my wife will affect our marriage in a bad way, but I was wrong. We make a lot more money than before, we have more free time to spend together, we make our own schedule and, let’s not forget, we have a lot of sex.


    My “pros” are:

    1)the money
    2)the flexibility
    3)saving on gas
    4)saving time by not having to drive to work
    5)it’s a fun job

    What more can I say? I love what I do!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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