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    I am a bi-sexual woman, but I was just wondering if the money that gay males make for a webcam show is the same as the ladies make? I average about $4,000 a month. Some months it may be a little less if I don’t do as many shows, and other months it may be more because I know I need the cash for something like car repairs.



    I never thought about it much but so long as there is a call for what you offer the cash should be the same. The trick to earning a lot is to be popular! I think that matters more than being a man or woman, gay bi or straight!



    As far as I know, ladies bring in the big bucks but that doesn’t mean it’s a general rule. If you’re popular enough and if you give great performances, clients will pile up even if you’re gay, transsexual, cougar or whatever.



    I always thought women made more than men because there is a larger market for the women. I think gay men have to fight a little harder for customers within their niche.



    I’m a female, so I can’t speak for gay men personally, but I would think that the money is just as good or better for gay men simply because there probably aren’t as many gay performers out there as there are women performers. Even though the market for them may not be as large, there is a market there and those clients probably have a harder time finding model performers.



    Guys like to see female on female sex. Even if you are a lesbian couple, you will get more male customers than female. Gay men get gay men customers. Sure, there are a few curious females, but very few will actually pay for gay male sex.



    I am a straight male, but not to my web cam clients. I have a pretty good list of regulars, and according to the models I have talked to, both male and female, the male models with a regular client list make similar salaries.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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