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    One of my least favorite things about the webcam industry is that there is no insurance. This wasn’t a big deal when my husband was employed because I was covered by his plan. He was recently laid off though, and purchasing insurance on our own is out of the question.



    I know what you mean. We are lucky here because my husband has good insurance. Were it not for his insurance, I would probably have to look for some other kind of work because I can’t imagine letting the kids go without insurance!



    Insurance costs are terrible these days! I am currently being forced to shop around for private insurance for my daughter and me because my husband’s plan through work is awful. He’s covered at no charge, but the cost to add us is through the roof.



    AllSexedUp – That’s where a lot of the large corporations get you. My hubby’s employer is the same way; they cover him at ridiculously low rates, but it triples just to add me and more than quadruples to add me + 1 child. As a result, he’s insured but I’m not. I’m hoping to find a part time “day job” with insurance benefits soon, so I can be covered through them but make most of my cash through modeling.



    Even with a “real” job, you can’t always afford the high cost of insurance. However, the more money you earn, the more money you will have to buy insurance. And there is plenty of work out there.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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