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    I live in a relatively small town, but there are several dance studios in the next town over that offer “how-to” classes on pole dancing, lap dancing, chair dancing, etc. Has anyone ever taken a class like this? I’m seriously considering it!



    I haven’t taken any live classes, but I did buy some of those Carmen Electra Cardio Strip-Tease DVDs and try them out. I liked them alright, but I definitely think a real class would be more fun… and more informative! If you have access to the classes, I’d say to go for it!



    I haven’t taken any, but I would love to. I think that it would be a lot of fun. I know there is a local gym that has a stripping type class, and a chair dancing class too.



    Yes!! I have taken a bunch of these and they are a blast. The beginning is always a little slow and awkward because most people aren’t used to being so open with each other, but by the end you’re all dancing on and with each other!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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