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    When we set up together the costs were fairly high, but it seemed sensible to start off with decent equipment rather than trade up slowly. I did get a bit if a discount for ordering everything from one source.



    It is important to have decent equipment, but of course not everyone can afford to drop a couple of thousand on set up costs. I am always checking Craigslist and other sites to see if updated items are available for a decent price.



    I didn’t have to spend thousands in order to have good equipment. My webcam was less than $200 dollars and the lights I bought were probably another $200 dollars. To be completely honest, most of my money is actually tied up in my clothing and shoes!



    I can’t say for sure how much I have spent on my equipment, I first bought a camera, then some lights, then some more lights (couldn’t afford all of them at once). I have toys, props and sexy outfits too.


    Doll Baby

    I’ve been kind of cheap. I have some very cheap webcams that I found on eBay, and little by little, I add more props. I think in the span of a year, I have only spent about $100. I actually already had a lot of equipment, like microphones, etc, because I also produce audiobooks.



    I haven’t spent very much either, and part of the whole draw to this business was the low start-up costs. I have bought a little bit of lighting, but most of my spending has been on props.



    Ok guys, doing some marketing and research. If you don’t mind sharing, what events have made you the most money and how much did you make? Also what is the most you have made in a mall location? Private events and parties?



    5 million Its the most Ive ever had, mainly because I have dialup over the summer so dont do much shopping.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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