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    Ladies, how much do you spend on a haircut? It’s been several months since I had mine trimmed and I’m way overdue for it. I have a great hair stylist and I count myself lucky for that, but she’s kind of expensive. At least, I consider her to be expensive. It usually runs me about $40, including the tip.



    I try to keep my haircuts at about half that. Just out of curiosity, when you pay for a haircut, are you also have your hair shampoo’d/conditioned and styled? I shampoo mine just before the appointment and have the stylist cut it wet, then I go back home and style it myself, so save on the additional fees.



    My neighbor is in cosmetology school and I had her come over last weekend to cut and color my hair. I gave her $100 for it, which I know is a little pricey, but she spent a long time working on my hair. Normally, I would pay about $80 for it in a salon.



    I don’t spend much on my haircuts, but I’m a guy. Normally I skip the shampoo and my hair is so short, there’s no need to style it, either. The girl just takes a pair of scissors to the front and an electric razor to the back and I’m done in less than 10 minutes. I usually spend more time waiting to have my hair cut than actually getting the cut.



    I always have a lot done when I go to the hair salon, so I usually end up spending somewhere between $50 and $100. I always have them shampoo and condition it, then cut it, then blow dry it and style it, then touch up the cut, and after that I usually have it dyed or highlighted.



    I don’t cut my hair very often. I prefer to keep it long. I do go for a very cheap trim once in a while. I have long, thick, healthy hair, fortunately, and I am not about to cut it off any time soon.

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