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    For those that have done webcam modeling with your spouse, what impact, if any, has it had on your relationship? If there was any negative change, were you able to successfully work through it?



    We didn’t have any problems adjusting. Basically, we are doing what we would be doing any way just with an audience. We had been swinging and things of that nature for quite awhile before we moved into webcam modeling though.



    I feel like it’s had a positive impact on our relationship honestly, because it alleviated the number one cause of our stress – lack of money. By us both modeling a few nights a week, we’re able to earn enough side money to assuage the “Where’s my next mortgage payment coming from?” type concerns. As far as intimacy is concerned, it was a bit of an adjustment at first, getting used to having an audience, but it hasn’t hurt our sex life or anything like that.



    I started out modeling by myself, but my hubby didn’t have an issue with it because (1.) it pays so well and (2.) no one we know can see it since I block my state. I wouldn’t say it’s affected or changed our relationship.



    We do model together although I do private shows as well, but our relationship has not really changed because of it. Actually, I take that back…we are both less stressed out because we know we can pay the bills. 🙂



    I would say that our relationship has changed since I started modeling. Even though he said he wouldn’t be jealous, at first he was and it caused problems. After we worked through that though, our relationship strengthened and I would say we are better off now than before.



    I did couple webcamming with my guy a couple of times, but I made him stop. He started getting an attitude and thought he was God’s gift to all women.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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