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    So, the question that’s on everyone’s minds…getting an erection on demand. I think I may have a lower sex drive than most men. Is there any tricks that anyone knows that help them get “in the mood” (like eating foods that boost testosterone beforehand or something?). I really worry that it will be the bane of me in this career, lol.

    Alternatively, can you make any money at all in this job not getting totally naked? (I know you won’t get rich, but enough to pay the bills?) Somehow I doubt it, especially as a guy, but I thought I’d ask.


    I don’t think you are going to make a whole lot if you don’t get totally naked. I have never had a problem getting an erection on demand (I am pretty much always hard) so I don’t really know of foods that might help you. I think clams are supposed to boost your libido some.


    My ‘secret’ is that I eat a lot of celery and clams. I’ve read somewhere that they help men this way and I tried them out. It seems to work, even if it’s not a magical formula.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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