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    I’m an openly gay man so having a male audience is pretty much what I expect. I do know a few guys who are straight but work for gay websites, and they seem to do ok. Some people say they are cheating the customer somehow, but I don’t think it really matters.



    I guess the guys who pay are not thinking about whether the model is 100% gay or not. I’ve never worked with another guy so intimately but if I did I’d have no worries about the ethical side of it.



    There are plenty of straight men who are “gay for pay” not only for webcam gigs, but also in gay pornography. I can’t say that I blame them the gay gigs pay more. I don’t get how they are cheating the customer…they are still getting exactly what they are paying for.



    Yeah, I have to agree with Cammie on this one, because I don’t understand how they’re cheating the customer, either. I couldn’t ever have sex with another man, but I wouldn’t mind pretending to fulfill a client’s fantasy. I’ve done that several times over.



    I am gay for pay and I have no misgivings about it. The client is getting exactly what they are paying for, and it is none of their business if I am gay in “real” life or not.



    I don’t think that there is anything wrong with being gay for pay. I mean we all have to eat right? Like some of the others have said the client is still getting what they paid for!



    There are many more wrong things in this world today that I don’t consider this to be a problem 🙂 I sell my body for money, some would say that this is very very wring but, as long as the pay is good, I see no problem with it.



    honestly Im straight and I do feel bad sometimes telling my clients on the cam sites that im bi or gay, but what ive found in the video industry moreso, is that producers will pay more for a straight model because their sites will actively advertise straight men in gay porn as a fetish, regardless the client pays to see a model to do something, if they get to see what they want and you get them off then I think you’ve done your job regardless of how honest you were about yourself

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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