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    I’m interested in working with at least one other girl, but I don’t know anyone in my area who would be into it. Any suggestions for how I could find another girl to work with?



    I have heard about some models using Craiglist to find a modeling partner. I would definitely exercise caution if you decide to do this and meet them in public first, but a couple of people I know have had success with Craigslist ads.



    I actually have found some partners through some sites like this one. You start getting to know a few people, maybe send a private message, and discover people who are near your area.



    I would probably stick with sites like this one before I resorted to using Craigslist. I’m still wary of buying everyday items through Craigslist after that whole mess with the “Craigslist killer” a few years back.



    There are probably way more available in your area than you think. Checking your local “craigslist” might help you find someone. You may have to go through a few people before you find someone you are compatible with.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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