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    Being a webcam model has become a big part of my life and my confidence! But obviously it’s difficult to talk about with family and friends. I don’t like being secretive but my dad would lose his mind! This has been a big con for me. Do you keep it secret and if so, how do you deal?



    Well, my husband knows what I do, of course. Other than that I have only told a few of my closest friends, the ones I trust. I could never tell my parents, they would go crazy.



    Abby how did your friends react? My best friend is my cousin, and I really want to tell her but she’s pretty straight-edge and I’m afraid of what she’ll think of me!



    I’m having this same problem. I feel like I’m living a double-life, and I constantly have a certain anxiety level just knowing that someone close to me could find out and freak out. My parents especially would not be cool with it.



    This is one of the cons, in my opinion. It’s pretty much like working under cover, only the job is permanent. I actually told no one, I tell people I’m a freelancer.



    I’m not actively keeping it a secret but I’m not shouting it over the rooftops, either. My family knows and a few of my friends know, but it’s not posted on my Facebook page or anything like that!



    I believe that whoever doesn’t accept you for who you are is not your friend. Real friends don’t judge, you are the same person as you were before working as a webcam model, I see nothing wrong with it.
    The family, on the other hand, is a whole different thing. My family knows I still have my old job 😛



    I couldn’t imagine telling my brothers and sisters what I do, let alone my mother! No, I prefer to keep what I really do a secret. They don’t even know that I work from home, since I tell them my work schedule. They just assume that I get in my car and drive to work. I wouldn’t want any of them to pop up to visit me during my working hours, that’s for sure!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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