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    I talk with some of the other webcam models that work through the site I work through, and they take almost everything off their taxes, from their hair styles to their nail salon visits to their lingerie and toys. Exactly what can you write off?



    You should be able to write off all of those things. You should also be able to write off your internet bills, and your webcam too.



    I write off anything work related. I look at it this way: I wouldn’t have all these toys and all this lingerie and I wouldn’t get my hair highlighted as often as I do if it wasn’t for work. And I certainly wouldn’t have a webcam and the lighting and stuff.



    You can write off all of it. Trips to the hair and nail salon, lingerie, lighting, light bulbs, internet and phone service, toys, shoes…every bit of it can be written off. Keep your receipts and just another little tidbit from me print all of your store receipts on regular printer paper. The store receipt paper degrades really fast!



    Not only can you write off all of your “job” expenses, you can also write off a good portion of your utilities, as well. Your internet bill is also a work expense. Plus, a section of your home is used for work. That can be written off, as well.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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