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    Have you ever felt embarrassed sometimes because you couldn’t do a certain move a certain way?
    It has happened to me once and I immediately decided to start some stretching exercises. I now stretch every morning, regardless if it’s gym day or not.



    I’ve never really been embarrassed on cam because I couldn’t perform a certain position. However, I’m not trying to broadcast Kama Sutra! We pretty much stick to the basics and we’re both in fine shape for that.



    I don’t really try to do anything that I don’t think I could. If I want to do something different, I usually practice it on my own first. I watch it on camera to see what it looks like. If I look weird to myself doing it, I don’t even try it in front of a client.



    I have never been embarrassed like that in front of a client, but I have had it happen in my personal life before. I have been trying to do more stretching exercises to gain a little of my flexibility back.



    I haven’t had that happen during a show because I only perform moves I am really comfortable with on cam. I have had several embarrassing moments in my private life though. 😮



    Too many embarrassing moments to count, but I remember walking into a pole in the middle of Vienna.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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