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    Hey ladies! What’s the best method you’ve found for getting rid of embarrassing body hair? I was waxing, but my skin is sensitive and reddens after every wax session. After the last two sessions, my skin actually bruised in places! 🙁 What’s a less stressful way to get rid of the hair and keep it gone longer than shaving does?



    My wife has sensitive skin like you, Erikka, so she likes to use that Nair-brand cream hair remover. They make one kind for your face and another kind for your body. The stuff stinks but it works, and it doesn’t burn or sting as long as you don’t leave it on for longer than the directions say to.



    I like to use Nair, too. It does stink, just like Billy pointed out, but it’s easy to use, it lasts longer than shaving and it leaves your skin feeling smoother.



    Luckily, my skin doesn’t react negatively to waxing, so I wax as much as I can, especially where facial hair is concerned. The areas that I can’t/don’t wax I just shave though. It’s a pain having to do it so frequently but it’s a quick fix.

    Have you ever thought about electrolysis?



    I think electrolysis would probably be the best way to go if you have the money, because it’s permanent. I don’t know about anyone else, but I get so tired of waxing and shaving all the time! Also, what’s up with razor cartridge prices these days?! They’re outrageous!



    I am thinking about getting the laser hair removal done myself. My skin is way too sensitive for waxing, but I have used the Nair stuff before.



    Want2please – Is there a difference between electrolysis and laser hair removal? I keep hearing those two terms but I’ve always wondered if they were the same or different. If they’re not the same, is one less painful or less expensive than the other?

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