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    This is a bit of a rant. (Consider yourself warned, ha ha!) Countless times now, I’ve had clients ask me, “Are you married?” I have to bite my tongue to keep from telling them that it’s none of their business, but to keep from being rude, I always just say that I am. Do you know what the next question almost always is? “Does your husband know you model?”

    Really?! What do YOU do for a living? Does your WIFE know? I mean, regardless of WHAT you do for a living, how could your spouse NOT know about it?!

    I never say any of these things to the client, obviously, but that’s what I always think when they ask me.



    I really think some people out there don’t think before they speak! I get dumb questions from clients all the time too. You just have to smile and act like it’s the most brilliant and interesting question you’ve ever heard, ha ha!!



    Ha ha! I’m not married but I can only imagine how aggravating that would be to hear that all the time! I have to field my share of dumb questions too, though.



    I know people out there don’t think before they speak! I always wear my wedding band so I get that question a lot too. I want to say “No, he just thinks this money falls from the sky!”.



    Ha ha Carrie, I love that!! I’m married too, but my husband and I broadcast together, so luckily I’m saved from that particular question. However, we do get, “Are you guys really married?” a lot. I always say that we are, but sometimes what I really want to say is, “What do you care?! We’re charging the same, regardless!!”



    I get a variation of the “Does your husband know?” question but since I’m not married, it’s “Does your boyfriend know?”. Of course he does, but just for fun, I tell them that he doesn’t. 😆 For some reason, they just eat that up!



    I get this question a lot too, and my answer varies. Sometimes I say no simply to see what they will say. My regular clients do know that I am married and that my husband knows. 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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