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    Hi guys, I’m a cam model and im just interested in knowing if it really matters on the price per minute. Does it? I do have it in my mind that it does not matter, because if someone wants to see you naked bad enough, they will find away to shed those clothes. I’m sure i’m large enough to merit such pay, if you get my drift. Lol, tell me what you think guys!


    Yes price per minute does matter.The lower the price the more chance for you to get paid shows.


    wmf wrote:> Yes price per minute does matter.The lower the price the more chance for> you to get paid shows.Yes, but lets just say you have a full time job and are doing web modeling and you don’t get many hours on cam. So do you think raising the price per min is worth it at that point? At a lower price per min, how is one supost to make any real money, cause the network will take their cut out of say $1.99. which dosn’t leave much for the performer at that rate. Yes you might get more visitors and not get paid but $10 for 3 hours. Vs $10 from 1 visitor x 10 visitors. Thats how im looking at this. I need more input please.


    Yes. Of course it does. The law of supply and demand states that the bigger the supply of a commodity. the lower the price will be unless the demand exceeds the supply. I wouldn’t pay $1.99 per minute for you if another guy who satisfied me was half that price. Either figure out how to make yourself very special or be competitive on price.



    Now you need to pay 2.5 dollars per minute


    If someone wants to, he will soon achieve his goal…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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